Hello, and welcome!

Welcome to my site!

This website has links to my Twitch, Youtube, and other social media for you guys to access and go to.

I will also be posting things on here such as giveaway winners and other things related to my Twitch streams, and YouTube videos.



Twitch Logo - Purple

Twitch. The service where I will be doing the majority of my streaming and live game play with you guys there by my side giving me comments.


Twitter Logo @Dannyftm

Twitter. A mystical land where presidents compare nuke buttons, while I will be posting giveaway announcements and other short bursts of information.


Discord Logo

Discord. A great and wonderful place for all pc gamers to come and rejoice at the beautiful wonders of fast text and voice chat with little to no delay. I'll always be in my stream channel while streaming


YouTube Logo Dannyftm

YouTube. I will post videos here everyone once in awhile. Probably once I get to being a bigger streamer and have a bigger following and can post videos more frequently.